2 comments on “線材之旅04: ALO Jumbo Cryo X Silver與Qables Silver Cab

  1. Wow! I really like to give you a LIKE button! Really appreciate your descriptions on ALO and Qables. I want to order a Qables lineout like yours in purple or silver (I got a purple Fuze+D-Zero), very expensive to buy Qables’ products in Hong Kong, but I don’t see how I can upgrade my order on their webpage, should I send them an email?

    PS. I used to live “around" LA (I moved a lot in 10 yrs from Sam Dimas to Alhambra to West LA…), but I am back to Hong Kong now 🙂

    • 謝謝你喜歡,給我很多的鼓勵!
      我以前住在你隔壁的Azusa,11年多,現在住在Rancho Cucamonga。



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